New (home) port

Our boat has a new home! She is now the proud docker on a private pontoon in the Newport canals on the Redcliffe Peninsula. Much more convenient to get to, and closer to the islands of Moreton Bay. But the trip to move her down from Mooloolaba (via Tangalooma in the original plan) turned into a bit of an adventure due to the weather…

The pessimist complains about the wind; the optimist expects it to change; the realist adjusts the sails“. – William Arthur Ward

All week we were watching the forecast. First with optimism:

Then the pessimism crept in:

Bugger. Near Gale conditions forecast! But we cast off on Saturday morning anyway (it was the only window we had to move the boat) and I was hoping by some miracle that the forecast wouldn’t eventuate. That hope was quickly shattered as we rounded the Mooloolaba headland and buffeted into the 25-30 knot southerlies. The forecasters had been dead right.  And as if we needed to be assured any further, a strong wind warning was transmitted over the radio. Bugger Bugger. Realism finally set in.

So we took the opportunity to work out how to reef the sails. Then after a couple of tacks that made very little ground, we furled the headsail, fired up the motors and set the course for Scarborough. We smashed into the wind, waves and current for the next six hours, but it was surprisingly pleasant on the catamaran. We saw dolphins, turtles, sea birds,

We were also treated to a triple light show! First, there was a fantastic sunset over Bribie Island as we sailed past. Then there were fireworks in the distance somewhere in Caboolture. And finally the full moon rose in spectacular fashion over Deception Bay.

All the lights across the Redcliffe Peninsula made it difficult to see the channel markers and leeds, so we decided to anchor in the bay near a few other boats doing the same. Despite the 25 knot winds overhead, the anchor was rock solid and it was a relatively peaceful night.

Sunday morning we traded snorkelling at Tangalooma for a morning of boat chores, but it was great to cross a few off the list. We had a small drama with the anchor…but nothing that a big hammer couldn’t fix! And then it was into the canals to dock at her new home in Newport.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Loved the Melbourne art.


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