A few months of mayhem!

The last couple of months have been a busy combination of work travel and adventures. I have literally criss-crossed the country: Brisbane, Canberra, Melbourne, Darwin, Gold Coast, Cairns, Laura (twice), Adelaide, Port Augusta, Whyalla … and finally back to Brisbane.

After a quick work trip to Canberra (where I nearly lost the hire car), I headed down to Melbourne to catch up with my besty Sondra for the Red Bull “Wings for Life” run. This is a charity fun run where you are chased by a car. Yes, you get chased by a car. It works like this: you start running, and then 30 minutes later the catcher-car starts (at 15km/hr) and it slowly increases speed over time until it catches everyone. Our official distance before the car caught us: 17.01km. Fair effort, although the winner ran 88km!! We also squeezed in some of Melbourne’s other attractions: food, street art, Luna Park, and Brighton beach huts!

From the chilly south it was up to the steamy north – firstly to Darwin. Work was fairly relentless, but during the limited leisure time, we squeezed in a road trip to Litchfield National Park. We spent the day bushwalking, stalking dragonflies, and swimming in waterfalls, and got back to Darwin in time for sunset and a laksa at Mindil Beach. Next was a trip to Cairns to visit my work project in the little town of Laura up near Cooktown. All was going well, and I managed to squeeze in a trip to Green Island with my family.

Back in SEQ, I visited the Sanctuary Cove boat show (to check out water-makers) and we even notched up a few nautical miles + a couple of dives in Moreton Bay. As usual, the weather didn’t really cooperate, but as our weekend sailing adventures are few and far between at the moment, we took the boat out anyway. We sailed across to Bribie inlet and anchored up for a night, and then after the most fiery sunrise, we braved strong winds across to Tangalooma to squeeze in a dive. As usual we had a couple of mishaps, but they really didn’t detract from a great weekend out on the water. We (temporarily) overheated one of the motors, broke the saloon door lock (and spent the rest of the weekend climbing in and out of cabin hatches), and forgot to secure the outdoor shower locker, so a few of the fittings floated away at some point.

Since then, I’ve been in South Australia on another work trip. Outback SA is bloody freezing this time of year! The highlight was lunch at Henley Beach, and the lowlight was probably “camping” in the mud of Cultana (just near Port Augusta). Anyway, that’s probably enough mayhem for now.

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  1. yoyodreams says:

    Amazing shots! Loved that sunset!


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