Liveaboard life (6 weeks to go)

We have now lived aboard for a month. A whole lunar month – full moon to full moon.

14 Dec 2016, 1st night living aboard
12 Jan 2016

A month of all different types of weather, including some decent summer storms and sweltering 38 degree days. A month full of hosting visitors and relaxing on the deck reading books. A month full of boat maintenance and chores and getting to know our boat a lot better. But unfortunately, not much sailing.


It’s certainly been a busy month. We conducted the renaming ceremony and had a boatwarming party , we traded in our tinny for a new semi-rigid inflatable dinghy, and continued to try and resolve the port-side motor issue. After getting the injectors and injector pump fully refurbished, we thought we were getting closer to resolution, but when we took her for a test sail around Deception Bay, the same motor started blowing black smoke. After getting a few trouble-shooting tips from talking to a few people, Andy took the exhaust apart to make sure it wasn’t blocked, and discovered a bunch of corrosion that needs some attention. So our plans to spend this weekend at Moreton Island have once again been thwarted.

New dinghy being launched

Instead we are spending the weekend hanging out at “home” – I12/13 berth in the Scarborough Marina. As far as live-on marinas go, I think this one is pretty good, with decent facilities – clean ablutions, air-conditioned TV room and good wi-fi, and very easy access to mechanics and a chandlery (although I don’t have too many reference points yet). It’s not too bad being trapped in the marina, watching the fishing boats coming and going and getting out for the occasional stand-up paddle, or taking the dinghy out for a spin. There’s a surprising amount of marine life inside the marina: tiny little juvenile fish, different species of jellyfish, golden cuttlefish, schools of mullet and big-ass bream (tasty!), the occasional turtle, and pelicans and sea-eagles.




We’ve also been busy making new friends with neighbouring boats. The boating community, like many, are friendly/welcoming and helpful. Our nearest neighbour is Dom, from the USA. He and his wife took two years to sail across the Pacific from San Fransisco and he’s now preparing to sell his boat, S/V Helios. (Check out their blog here). Then there’s Nola and Trevor, Matt, and Billy and Marcelle who have lived in the marina long term; and plenty of other cruisers that are coming or going. Not suprisingly, there are some people/boats with some really interesting back-stories. In Monty’s marina where we hauled out, a boat was being launched that had at one stage apparently belonged to a guy who ended up being a victim of Ivan Milat! The story goes that a young guy was sailing around and put his boat up on the hard in order to do some land travel within Australia. He never came back. Years later, Monty’s boatyard was trying to dispose of the abandoned boat and were advised that he may have been a victim of Milat.

Anyway, the first month of the liveaboard life has been a great mix of the good life with a bit of hard work thrown in. Fingers crossed we can get the motor in good order ready for Australia Day long weekend.

6 weeks til the Odyssey begins…

Making my first batch of yoghurt…
…and catching dinner!

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