A wingless angel (3 weeks to go)

A sailing boat looks a bit forlorn without a mast…

…but luckily it wasn’t for long! Earlier in the week, Andy sailed Angel Wing up to Mooloolaba to Lauries boatyard to get another big boat project completed: replacing the rigging*.  This was scheduled maintenance. When we bought the boat last year, she was 12 years old and still had the original rigging, so it was time.

Rigging replacement is quite a lengthy process. First, all the standing rigging was removed and the mast was stepped using a big crane. Then our trusty rigger Colin Quin inspected all the mast fittings, running rigging (we decided to replace the topping lift), and the furler. Then he took all the standing rigging away to cut new ones to length. And then the whole process was done in reverse to put it all back together!  A big shout out to Sandie and Paul, and John and Pauline for their time, help, physical labour, moral support and vehicle loan! Much appreciated guys.

(photo credit: Pauline)

Yesterday the new rigging went really well and we had an extremely pleasant 8-hour light wind sail back to Scarborough. Andy spent most of it chilled-out in the Captain’s chair, and I lay in the shade of the headsail on the front tramps reading my book. As always I was on the lookout for marine life and birds.  There were loads of jellyfish: little transparent blue-bottles sailing along with their blue tentacles trailing; and big brown and purple ones, some with colonies of resident fish. And then as we cruised into Deception Bay toward the Scarborough leads, we were greeted by a small pod of dolphins!


Anyway, another big boat project can be ticked off. With only three weeks to go til the big adventure begins, we still have a couple of windows to repair and a couple of big purchases to make, but we are nearly set!

*for non-sailing readers, the rigging is all the wires and stuff that hold up the mast (standing rigging) and make the sails work (running rigging).

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