It’s all coming together (<1 week to go)!

Kick-ass cruising catamaran: check.

Brand new rigging: check.

New inflatable tender: check.

All the necessary safety gear: check.

Cool gadgets (eg water-maker and air compressor): check.

Boat merch (business cards, hats, crew shirts, and the awesome stubby-coolers our awesome friends the Gillmans got us): check.

Work finished up and land lives all sorted: check.

Passports: check.

Final catch-ups with friends and family: check. (Shout out to Bob and Barbara who drove up from Temora; Juliene and Allan who have helped a lot with sorting land lives; and Tanja, Tom and Chris who came out for a recent test sail over to Bribie Is!)

Yep, it’s all coming together! In less than a week we’ll be casting off the lines and commencing the odyssey.

But there are still a couple of loose ends to keep us busy in the final week. Our friends at Switch Sails are applying the finishing touches to our Code Zero (light wind sail) and prodder before installing them in the next few days. And we need to find spots to stow all our new toys! After getting plenty of advice and recommendations from friends and fellow sailors, we’ve gone with a Rainman water-maker (with Honda generator), and a Coltri-Nuvair air compressor. These items are going to make cruising even more awesome! Fresh water and SCUBA air fills anywhere, anytime!

Anyway excitement levels have started to spike.  First destination is Hervey Bay (for my grandma’s upcoming 90th birthday), but we have to cross the  “notorious” Wide Bar Bay. Hopefully the weather will cooperate for the very first leg of our epic adventure…

boat merch!


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  1. JW says:

    Fair weather forever.


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