Same same but different…


Life at anchor usually goes something like this: wake up sometime after day-break … hot brew followed by brekky on the back deck … shore excursion to go bushwalking, beach combing etc … lunch … siesta … another shore excursion … sundowners (ie drinks while the sun sets) … dinner … watching TV (if we have reception) … checking out the moon and stars … more reading or listening to podcasts … bed. Life is pretty simple, and fairly same same. Except it’s not. Everyday is different. Everyday something surprises you. Yesterday it was rescuing a stranded turtle who had puffed itself out on some rocks. Today it was being chased by a wild boar! Who knows what tomorrow will bring?

Screen Shot 2017-04-12 at 7.15.14 PM
Andy mid turtle rescue

wild boar stand off!
We got stuck in the Rosslyn Bay marina longer than we had planned due to weather. I wasn’t having the best of luck in this marina. After falling in while docking, I came home one day to find my favourite hat and a pair of thongs had blown away in the gusty wind. With plenty of time on my hands, I went searching and ended up finding my hat and one of the thongs, but alas, the other thong was lost for good…(so I wrote a cheesy poem…)


Moral of the story: don’t leave your sh*t lying around in thirty knot winds! Anyway, we kept ourselves amused with the help of Trisha and Paul (another shout out and thanks). We have now climbed pretty much every bit of high ground around Rosslyn Bay, and I can tick the Keppel Coast shell museum off my bucket list!


When the wind finally calmed down a bit, we busted out of the marina and sailed north to Port Clinton, the first of a number of anchorages within Shoalwater Bay Training Area. After a night there, we sailed onto Pearl Bay, described in the cruising bible, Cruising the Coral Coast (Alan Lucas) as “one of the coast’s prettiest anchorages” (it didn’t disappoint), and then we spent a few nights in Island Head Creek.

Sailing past Wreck Point, Yeppoon (photo credit: Trisha)

Is this: A. a tropical island paradise; or B. a military training area…?

Answer: B. Shoalwater Bay Training Area
While inside SWBTA, we were restricted to the high water mark (the range boundary), but our daily ritual of shore excursions, water sports, and chilling out on the boat kept us amused. In addition to rescuing stranded turtles and being chased by wild boars, I SUP’d to nearby sea-caves and found some amazing shells washed up on the beach. I had another crack at catching some dinner, but only came away with a green toadfish and an undersize crab, so Andy once again cooked up his (now-famous) corned beef hash.


We are slowly heading towards Mackay, with a quick detour via a few islands. And shout out to our new friends Bob and Margaret on S/V Casablanca!


Shout out also to the seagulls of Rosslyn Bay

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  1. Jo Crookes says:

    Weather looks gorgeous. Very jealous of your daily routine, especially siestas.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. 🙂 love the thong poem


    1. Alpha Juliet says:

      Haha thanks Katische, pretty cheesy!


  3. All sounds very tough!


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