Kaytown capers

Here’s a few fun facts about our week-long stay in Mackay:

  • we had to dodge more than thirty GIANT supertankers coming into Mackay Harbour. They are queuing up for coal from nearby Hay Point, and they are BIG!
  • We joined about 5000 people for dawn service on Anzac Day. It was a lovely service, and the best bit was when a kookaburra chimed in during the last post, adding a real Aussie element to the service.
  • it has a Zambrero (my favourite takeaway)!
  • it’s the southern gateway to the Whitsunday islands, so it is the perfect stepping off point for our next destination: the Whitsundays!
Dawn service with Al (who drove up with mum to hang out with me on Anzac Day while Andy headed back to Canberra).

But here’s a couple of un-fun facts:

  • last Sunday, vandals burnt down the iconic “lonely tree” at Shoal Point. It was set alight just hours before I headed out to Shoal Point to get my own lonely tree sunset shot! I was hoping for this:

    …and instead got this:

Who would vandalise a dead tree?? There are some real idiots in the world!

  • Mackay has been hit by 77 cyclones since the town was settled in 1862! But luckily only copped the fringes of TC Debbie. As a result of all this nasty weather, the harbour has been upgraded and is super-sturdy, but if you are on T45 berth (as we are), it’s a looooong trek to the ablutions. Anyway, it had all we needed to get the usual chores and admin done.


This week’s shout out is to everyone who has served their country, especially those who have made the ultimate sacrifice.Lest We Forget.

And to the guys at Matilda Internet, who fixed my iPad. Cheers.


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  1. It is a seriously functional marina isn’t it. Last year we spent a few days getting to know the city while the highway was cut by floods. An outstanding city with lovely people who went out of their way to make us welcome.

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  2. what idiots re the tree- anything that is Insta famous is a target these days- you should see the horrendous quokka harm selfies. it’s enough to make you sick.


  3. p.s your tree shot is a bit like my version of the perfect insta cake vs what I actually make shot 😉

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