Meanwhile, on a tropical island…

…it’s bloody raining and blowing a gale. But who cares, life is still great. We’ve been voyaging for two months now, and here’s a few statistics:
720 nautical miles covered (1340 kilometres)
22 anchorages, including 7 islands
20 fish caught and 2 crabs netted
3 thongs lost
3 SCUBA dives
2 times I’ve fallen in
2 visiting crew
1 booby bird accidentally hooked up on the trolling line.  
(We lost count of how many toasted sandwiches)



This week we left the mainland behind once again. It was a bit hectic as we sailed out of Mackay Harbour, but it smoothed out enough to be a decent sail across to Scawfell Island. We shared the anchorage with a few other boats who were hanging out for the May Day long weekend and it was easy to see why it was a popular spot: a really long beach (choc-full of really amazing washed-up shells, more casualties of cyclone Debbie) and a fringing reef with good vis for snorkelling.

Baler shell and spider shell. I also found a few KILLER cone shells!
butterfly fish

From there we sailed to the start of the “hundred magic miles” – the Whitsundays. In every anchorage we’ve had overwatch by beautiful birds of prey – white-bellied sea-eagles, brahminy kites, ospreys, etc – and at Thomas Island, we watched one of these apex predators take on a cockatoo!


eagle vs cockatoo

Even though the anchorages are getting more and more populated, its great to still share these magical moments of nature!

Anyway, we plan to spend the next few weeks bouncing around the various islands and anchorages of the “100 magic miles” of the Whitsundays. Hopefully the weather will improve…

…but if it keeps raining, just find a sea-cave to shelter in!

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  1. If you’ve taken to dropping overboard unexpectedly at least the water up there is warm.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. beautiful rainbow pic! love the cockatoo vs eagle photo! hope you get some sunny days soon!


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