Whitsunday Blues


Broken trees and shattered dreams. All around the Whitsundays you can still see the devastation from Tropical Cyclone Debbie. Even now, a month on, there are boat wrecks washed up on the rocks, trees look like they’ve been zapped with agent orange, and ancient hoop pines have been snapped like twigs. Lots of businesses in town are still not operating. We couldn’t get passport photos at the post office because Debbie trashed the machine. It’s sad for those affected. And it’s a timely reminder to us about the force of nature and the need to respect the weather.


And if one cyclone wasn’t enough, there’s another two (Donna and Ella) hovering around out in the Pacific somewhere, resulting in really crappy weather here in the Wetsundays. Sustained strong winds and rain. For several days in a row, we’ve been wondering if we were in tropical QLD or Tasmania??

Screen Shot 2017-05-11 at 8.31.22 PM

But on the odd occasion that the sun did shine, we were treated to the other kind of Whitsunday blues: aqua, azure, cerulean… Beautiful vistas and perfect paddleboarding/snorkelling weather. We climbed up Whitsunday Peak for the best view of the islands (but more about that in the next instalment).

We are now anchored off Hook Island* and the weather forecast is looking halfway decent for early next week, so bring it on!

*if you want to track our location, check out skipr.net


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  1. yikes! I can’t even imagine the devastation- something I think you actually have to be there to see in person to really understand


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