Polly want a cracker?

Well a couple of cheeky cockatoos certainly do! We were hanging out in Nara Inlet enjoying the sunshine after a swim in the nearby waterfall when we were visited by a pair of noisy cockatoos in search of a snack.

IMG_0831IMG_2511Screen Shot 2017-05-16 at 9.05.37 AM
After we fed them a few jatz crackers, they flew off to our friends on Xamala for a bit of trail mix dessert…


For a catalogue of all the birds we’ve seen on the trip so far, check out this page.


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  1. To my mind the kookaburra is better than a rooster when it comes to announcing the day as he tells you both sunup and sun down. And who can be miserable when the lorikeets start their whistling, squawking and chattering? We are blessed with so many bold gregarious birds.

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