Happy World Turtle Day!

There are seven species of marine turtle, and all but one of them live in the Great Barrier Reef, so we have had the fortune of spotting many a-turtle on the trip so far.

A couple of days ago, we had an extra-special encounter with a resident green turtle in Stonehaven Bay, Hook Island in the Whitsundays. Bert or Myrtle (we’re not sure) visited the boat and hung out for ages.

IMG_1761Screen Shot 2017-05-21 at 10.30.08 AMIMG_1768IMG_1650IMG_1742

Happy World Turtle day!

See all the cool marine critters we’ve spotted so far on the trip here. (And for anyone wondering, the species that doesn’t live here is the Kemp’s Ridley turtle.)

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  1. Juliene says:

    Definitely Bert as Myrtle would have shown great disdain and swum away.


    1. Alpha Juliet says:

      Hmmm, not sure. The turtle was d finitely favouring the port-side… 🙂


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