The big 5-0 in Townsville!

After cruising the capes (Cape Upstart (great oysters!), Cape Bowling Green (rolly as hell), and Cape Cleveland), we spent a great week in Townsville catching up with friends, seeing the sights, eating fondue, and celebrating Andy’s 50th birthday!

21…with 29 years experience


We took a berth in the Breakwater Marina. It’s a great spot to park – central to everything and really good facilities. As much as the ‘ville has changed, it’s also stayed the same. We strolled the Strand, climbed up Castle Hill to admire the view, and checked out the new look Jezzine Barracks with its “ethno-botanic” trail which turned out to be great for birdwatching!


We caught up with lots of friends, old and new. Shout out to our old Army buddies: Gabby (thanks for the limes!), Jen (thanks for the loan of the car!), Col and the family, Paul and Kate and the boys, Wayne and Libby, and Dana and Cruz. Great to catch up with you all! And a shout out to our new yachtie buddies who also joined us to celebrated Andy’s big 5-0: Clark and Bev from Our Reflections and Anita and Pierre from Xamala. Anita and Pierre also cooked us the best. fondue. ever. !!! The secret ingredient was the Conti cheese. Delicious.

And as another month has finished, here are the boat stats for May:

224 nautical miles covered (running tally: 944).
6 fish caught
8 amazing up-close experiences with nature 
dips in a waterfall
lures lost (and the big fish are still being elusive)
SCUBA dive (Butterfly Bay)
1 loaf of bread baked
and I haven’t fallen in for a whole month! woohoo.

Next stop: Magnetic Island…

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  1. Juliene says:

    Better and better!

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  2. Love the steel art work and the bird pics. Beautiful country.

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  3. Townsville really needs a bit of PR as it is s beautiful but often overlooked city.


    1. Alpha Juliet says:

      I agree. Although a couple of my local friends have said they like the reputation as a family place rather than a tourist place.

      Liked by 1 person

  4. A very belated Happy Birthday Andy. Love the 21 with 29 years experience!

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