“One fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish”

“…black fish, blue fish, old fish, new fish.” (Dr Seuss)

We have finally caught some fish on the trolling lines! We’ve pretty much been trolling since Hervey Bay (whenever it hasn’t been a marine park “green zone”), but apart from a couple of lost lures, the big fish had remained elusive. Until last Thursday. Thursday was a fishing bonanza!

Our first catch was a little spotted mackerel. He was a tad bit small for keeping so he went back, but a little while later, a bigger one (70 cm) struck! Fresh fish for lunch! We also snagged a little blacktip shark. Once we retrieved our lure from his gob, he went straight back in. (And for anyone interested, the lures are Halco 160DD). There’s a real sense of excitement when one of the trolling lines goes off while we are sailing along!


At anchor we’ve caught all sorts of random fish, including some seriously weird-looking remora (sucker-fish), but managed to bag a few edible ones to supplement the rations…

…and the odd bit of coral (that I initially thought was a big fish!)


But we reckon the best way to cook the fish is:

Al’s fish bites
Cut fillets into bite sized chunks.
Dip in egg wash (one egg plus a few splashes of milk whisked together)
Roll in crumb mix (panko crumbs + normal bread crumbs + seasoning and herbs to taste (we use cajun herbs))
Shallow fry til cooked.




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  1. Juliene says:

    Great blog.

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    1. Alpha Juliet says:

      Great fisher-people! 🙂


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