No, my name isn’t Nemo…

Marine Biology 101: Harlequin Sweetlip

I was snorkelling at Orpheus Island (best snorkelling of the trip so far), when a bit of colour and movement caught my eye. A little clown-like fish was dancing around the coral. At first glance I thought it was an anemone fish (nemo), but on closer inspection, I realised it was spotty (not stripey) and there wasn’t an anemone in sight.

We ID’d him as a juvenile harlequin sweetlip – Plectorhinchus chaetodonoides – a species of grunt that likes to hang out on coral reefs.

He’s featured in our latest youtube video (at the 2min36sec mark):


And I spotted a bunch of the adults while snorkelling at Lizard Island. It’s evident why they are called ‘sweetlip’!


For more fishy business from the trip so far, check out our fish page.

**NB, this was a scheduled post, uploaded prior to departing on our passage to Indonesia, so it being published isn’t a sign that we have internet access…


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  1. Awesome video. You are so clever!


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