Anchor chain bootcamp!

Here’s an idea for bootcamp: dragging a tonne of anchor chain back and forth across sand. I wonder if anyone would turn up if that’s what was advertised? Unfortunately for us, we didn’t have a choice. Ever since we had the chain regalvanised in Penang  , it was constantly skipping on the gypsy, making it extremely difficult to get the anchor up, and generally causing lots of grief. We tried everything else to get it sorted: untwisting it in various ways, and even getting the gypsy rewelded. But no joy.  So the last resort was to replace the chain, and that meant loading it all into a dinghy then dragging the old one across a beach, and doing the reverse with the new one. So in all, we’ve carried that tonne of chain around more than six times! Anchor chain bootcamp!


the story of a cruiser’s life: boat maintenance in exotic locations!

This morning the new chain came up like a dream. Yeehah! Lesson learnt: don’t bother getting anchor chain regalvanised. It’s not worth the hassle.

While hanging out at Nai Harn Bay, we also got our code zero sail repaired by Robert Tasker (no idea if related to Rolly Tasker sail loft also based here in Phuket), so we’ve crossed a few jobs off the boat chore list.

But we managed to squeeze in a dive trip with Aussie Divers and Local Dive Thailand out to the King Cruiser Wreck and a couple of sites.

“In May 1997 the adventurous captain of the King Cruiser car ferry strayed off course on his way to Phi Phi from Phuket and with an incredible feat of marine navigation found the only submerged reef for miles around. Unfortunately the intrepid captain’s wanderlust resulted in a large hole in the ferry and the inevitable consequences. So was created Phuket’s first wreck dive…” – Local Dive Thailand website

The viz wasn’t awesome, but the wreck is definitely an interesting dive. We also dived on the reef it collided with – Anemone Reef, where every flat surface is covered in anemones! And our third dive was at Koh Doc Mai. Still no whale sharks, but a cute little seahorse and lots of cool nudibranchs!


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