Dinner with a King!

It’s always a joy to have dolphins riding your bow, and we were lucky enough to have two pods of dolphins accompany us on our 12 hour passage along the Central Sulawesi coast from Tolitoli to Buol.

Risso’s dolphins, Grampus griseus
Spinner dolphin, Stenella longirostris

In both places we were extremely well looked after by local guides (mostly English teachers from the local schools or tourism students) who wheeled us around the various school visits, village excursions and shopping trips that had been arranged. These guys deserve medals for how well we were looked after. A big shout out to all of them: Hendra, Husna, Indar and Lincoln in Tolitoli; and Novi, Ria, Evi, Ziah, Akim and Mustakim in Buol.

In Buol we celebrated Islamic New Year by having dinner with the King!! Dressed in our finery, we were met at the dinghy dock and serenaded to the palace by a little band of drummers and ushered into a rainbow coloured dining room for the feast prepared by the King’s mum. We were treated to local specialities including a maleo egg (an endemic ground bird) and super-sweet palm sugar cakes. It was a pretty cool royal experience, even if it’s only an honorary appointment these days, so I marked the occasion in typical Indonesian style: with a selfie!

A shout out also to Ary and the guys at Boki Dive who took us diving at Palau Sabang near Tolitoli. We didn’t see the dugong that is sometimes spotted, but we saw plenty of other cool critters!

Pio Pio! (Buol language)

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