Sailing by the seat of our pants!

We’ve been having a problem with our starboard engine for two weeks now, and Macgyver Liz has attempted to fix it using the insert of a pair of bike pants!

In a nutshell, raw water isn’t pumping out consistently enough, meaning the engine isn’t being cooled sufficiently.

We’ve trouble-shot the most obvious things: blockage in the intake; cleaned the strainer and air filter; replaced the impeller; cleaned out the heat exchanger and the exhaust mixing elbow; all to no avail. It works when it is fully primed, which temporarily makes us think we’ve solved the problem, but the next time we start the engine again … no pumping water!

Now we think there is a seal problem letting in air and creating an air lock. Liz’s “bike pant o-ring” (added in addition to the existing o-ring in the strainer lid) seemed to improve the situation and we were able to run the engine for several hours, but it hasn’t solved it completely. So the engine enigma continues. Luckily we have two motors, and we’ve had enough wind on and off to rack up seventy miles a day as we continue eastward across North Sulawesi.



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  1. julieneward says:

    Stay safe. We are so close to having you back and it’s been tough lately

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