Let’s start with the easy ones:

Who are we? Just a couple of adventurers seeing the sites via our 40 foot catamaran, S/V Angel Wing. 

A catamaran? Nice, what type? A 2004 (Australian built) Seawind 1200.

How do we stay in contact? Easy! See all our contact details and social media accounts here: Contact Us

What is your plan? Well, PLAN is a four letter word when you are on a sailboat! But the loose idea is to spend the next two years travelling up the east coast of Australia, then around SE Asia for a while and then back. We are participating in the Sail 2 Indonesia 2017 Rally  and then we’ll see what happens! Also check out our bucket list (and send us any recommendations for things to add!)

And here’s a few that we often get from family and friends:

Are you worried about pirates? Alert but not alarmed, that’s our motto. At home you take sensible precautions for personal safety (lock up your house or car, avoid walking through railway tunnels at night, etc). Being pirate-savvy is no different.

Are you taking weapons? Do butter knives count? If no, then no. We don’t want to wind up in a SE Asian jail…

Are you scared of sharks? Well, we aren’t planning to sink, so why should we be?

What are you going to eat? Food. Seriously. But if you want more specifics, check out our galley goodness posts…

Feel free to post any other questions in the comments below. Cheers.


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