Bucket List

Wow, where to start?

The first phase of the Alpha Odyssey is a two-year adventure from Brisbane-Cairns-Indonesia-Singapore-Malaysia-Thailand- and then back again. There’s hundreds of places we are keen to go and stacks of things we are keen to do, but here’s a few of the top bucket list items:

  • Swimming with whale sharks!!! Definitely the number one.
  • Fishing in the Great Sandy Straits and anchoring off Fraser Island
  • Hanging out in the lagoon at Lady Musgrave Island
  • Seeing turtle hatchlings
  • 100 magic miles in the Whitsundays, especially Hook Island/reef
  • Hinchinbrook Island Walks
  • Lizard Island and Cod Hole
  • Cape York Peninsula and Thursday Island
  • Wakotobi Islands
  • Komodo National Park
  • Raja Ampat
  • Climbing volcanoes
  • Diving at Richelieu rock in Thailand
  • A dip in jellyfish lake!
  • A return trip to Bougainville
  • Orangutans on Borneo
  • Seeing birds of paradise.

Further afield, the bucket list includes:

  • A road trip around Australia
  • Diving in the Maldives
  • St Helena
  • The Camino pilgrimage walk
  • West Africa to visit friends in Sierra Leone.
  • summer in Cape Town (thanks SV Delos for the inspo!)

What else should be added?


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